I have a lot of maturity, skill, and experience with the body, the enthusiasm and the libido of a woman of 10 years younger. My reservations concern sensual intimacy, tranquility, profound mutual pleasure and lots of fun and orgasms. I am also educated in college and well-read, with a particular interest in history, mythology, literature, cinema, music, and psychology.

I love sex and orgasms are easy for me, so I’m multi-orgasmic. I spent many hedonistic years exploring everything, from making sweet love for hours to BDSM to pornography to sex as a therapeutic cure to erotic dance to esoteric, tantric and sacred sexuality practices. GFE, KFE Kinky and Tantric Sensory Trips are my experiences and I’m happy to play with all genres, couples, and groups. Contact me for my list of services. 03327249222


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